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Dr. Sharna West graduated from RMIT (formerly Phillip Institute) and has been in practice for 20 years.

She has spent many years as an associate in various practices across Melbourne and has worked as a locum for several years all across Australia.

Her years of varied experience have seen her focus her Chiropractic practice on a “Family Wellness Practice”.

Dr West believes Chiropractic is for everyone – not just those people with a “bad back’!

Having studied Chiropractic Paediatrics and recently becoming a “new mum” her particular interest is on infant and childhood health.

“My beautiful daughter received her first adjustment at 6 days old, and continues to receive chiropractic care.” says Dr. West.

Dr. West was an associate of Dr. Heli Kivimaa (the former owner of Altona Chiropractic) and Dr West looks forward to maintaining the same excellent standard of care and dedication Dr. Kivimaa provided to the Altona community.